The Ultimate Mini Bowling Experience

With premium features like HD scoring, video masking, LED capping lights and more, the new Highway66 lets you absolutely delight your customers with a stunning on-lane experience, inspiring them stay longer and play more.

QubicaAMF Highway66 mini bowling brochure
QubicaAMF Highway66 mini bowling brochure

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QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure
QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure

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Mini bowling specifications (lane pair):

Standard length: 39’- 9 1/2 “ [ 12.129 mt] Customized length available
Width: 9’- 2 1/2 “ [ 2.807 mt] 
Minimum Height Required: 8’- 6” [2.591mt] customized height available 
Total Weight per standard unit length 5600 lb [ Kg 2545]

Attract mode: 250W
Play mode. 2800W
Single phase supply requirements : 220-240V 50/60Hz 3200W
Recommended 20AMP circuit breaker per unit


Multiple Unit Dimensions:

With monitor post

  Inches Millimeters
1 Unit (2 lanes) 110-1/2″ 2807
2 Unit (4 lanes) 218″ 5537
3 Unit (6 lanes) 325-1/2″ 8268
4 Unit (8 lanes) 433″ 11000
5 Unit (10 lanes) 540-1/2″ 13730
6 Unit (12 lanes) 648″ 16460



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