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The Only Pinspotter Designed to Make Your Business Easier

The XLi EDGE is the most advanced pinspotter ever, and the only pinspotter that makes it easier to do business in today’s challenging environment. By choosing this machine, you save on labor, parts and energy costs, resulting in more money to focus on marketing your business or adding to your bottom line. Your pinspotter staff will have more time to add value to other areas of your facility and business. Finally, with the XLi EDGE, it’s easier for your customers to enjoy the game because it is the quietest, fastest and most reliable pinspotter—providing a better experience.


Easier for You

The XLi EDGE is the most cost-effective pinspotter to operate, so you have more money to focus on marketing your business or add to your bottom line.



Easier For Your Staff

It's the easiest and safest pinspotter for your staff to learn, operate and maintain.


Easier For Your Customers

It’s the quietest, fastest and most reliable pinspotter on the market, and keeps customers informed on any interruptions. Customers have a better experience and are more likely to return.






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