CenterPunch Deck Lighting

Intelligent pin illumination for a more impactful bowling experience

CenterPunch Deck Lighting was designed specifically for bowling by people who know bowling best.  Designed for Conqueror Pro users, it is the only pin deck lighting driven by a bowling management system, delivering control benefits that add unique value to your business. 

In addition, when combined with the BES X Bowler Entertainment System, CenterPunch is the only pin deck lighting that responds to on-lane events, such as strikes, spares and more, delivering a more impactful guest experience—one that folks are sure to remember, and talk about.


Intelligent Control

CenterPunch Deck Lighting is integrated with the Conqueror Pro Management System making it easy, and realistic for you to design and deliver unique light shows.

A More Impactful Bowling Experience

CenterPunch is the only pin deck lighting system that enhances guest experience and bowler engagement.

Pin Deck Illumination Built for Bowling

The CenterPunch Deck Light is purposefully built, incorporating features essential to the best possible pin deck lighting performance and reliability.


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