2014 Wroclaw, Poland

November 1-9


igh scoring in the round robin – 50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup

igh scoring in the round robin – 50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup
The scoring throughout the round robin in both the men’s and women’s sections of the 50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Wroclaw, Poland, was superb. Of the 64 games bowled by the men only eight were below 200, and there were13 games over 250. But the women did even better with only four games below 200 and 13 games over 250.
By the end of the 7th round, it was clear who would be numbers one and two in both sections but the third place in the final was certainly up for grabs.
In the men’s position round, Chris Barnes of the USA was to play Magnus Johnson Jr of Sweden. Chris was lying 34 pins behind Magnus but with 30 bonus for a win that meant that he had to win by just five pins. He did, running out the winner by 257 to 213.
Germany’s Tobias Börding has been top of the leader board since squad one and goes into the final in pole position. He is 245 pins ahead of Mykhaylo Kalika of the Ukraine who is in 2nd, but the scores revert to zero so any of the three finalists can win.  Tobias’s mother, father and two friends have driven 700km, setting off at 2am last night to be with him today.  And they will watch the final, then drive straight home. “They have to go to work tomorrow!” said Tobias.
Mykhaylo had gone into the round robin in 8th, but a set of 1952 (a 244 average) brought him right up to 2nd. He explained: “I didn’t play well yesterday.  I had a couple of bad games.  But today I played a different line, pushing the ball more out to the right and giving it more speed.  It paid off!”
Over with the women, Clara Juliana Guerrero of Colombia in 1st and Li Jane Sin of Malaysia were assured of their positions as one and two. With just the position round to go, Brittni Hamilton of the USA was in 3rd ahead of Maria Bulanova of Russia in 4th by 77, but again with 30 for a win, if Maria could win by 48 she would go through. She won by 251 to 227, but it was not enough and she finished 4th, Brittni taking the last place in the stepladder final.  Clara’s set of 1948 for her eight games (228, 256, 210, 257, 278, 244, 236, 239) sets a new Bowling World Cup record, beating the 1944 set by Shalin Zulkifli of Malaysia ten years ago in Singapore.  Maria has undoubtedly been one of the stars of this World Cup. She is just 16 – her birthday was about four weeks ago – the youngest player in the event and yet she showed great maturity and calmness.  Her 299 is the high game for the women’s division so far with just the finals to go and by finishing 4th she has posted the best ever result for Russian women: the previous best was 9th place in 2009 and 2011.   She said afterwards: “I am disappointed, of course, but I am also proud of what I have achieved. And I certainly hope to be back next year’.
The finals will be played this afternoon and shown on live streaming with online scores also available though www.qubicaamf.com
Action photos of all the players are available on request.
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