2007 St Petersburg, Russia

3rd - 11th November 2007


You want high scores? St Petersburg has them!

Brazil-1-.pngA feast of high scores came in the men's qualifying squads today, 6th November, in the 43rd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup.

In the first squad, 20-year-old student Marcelo Suartz from Brazil hit 1518 over his six games, including a 279 game. "I had a really good day," he said. "I felt confident and I was able to visualise every shot and then execute it all well. I came here hoping to do well and so far I have to be pleased."

Then in the second squad we witnessed several 270+ games and the list is long: Jason Belmonte had a 289, Remy Ong from Singapore had a 287, Glenn-Morten
Pederson of Norway had back-to-back 279s, Colombia's Andres Gomez had a 279, Paolo Valdez of greece.pngthe Philippines had a 279, Germany's Achim Grabowski had a 279 and home favourite Alexey Parshukov had a 278.

But they were all capped by our second perfect game from Argyrios Ketsetzis of Greece. He was naturally delighted and promptly turned round to the score display to take a photo of the proof of his achievement.

Jason Belmonte remains in the lead on 4206 after 18 games, a 233 average. Now, Glenn-Morten is in second on 4119 and Andres in 3rd on 4113.

With just six games to go, the cut for the top 24 is a 208 average, with Vitas Gykis of Lithuania just in the list.