2013 Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

November 15-24, 2013


Another record and more high scores for the men in Krasnoyarsk

Peter Hellström’s record from yesterday lasted just 24 hours. Mats Maggi of Belgium shot 1599 today, lifting himself up into 5th place at the half way mark in the 49th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Krsanoyarsk. Mats’ series was 246, 277, 261, 277, 288, 250.
We also had a flood of perfect games. Israel’s Or Aviram, our runner up in 2005, started the 300 rush and it looked as if he would get a second. The pins rolled around the pin deck but the 10 pin stood still. Or commented afterwards: “Ari (Fisher), my coach, said he would buy that pin and even pay excess baggage to take it home!”
Next up was Chris Sloan of Ireland. Chris said afterwards: “All my friends will just about be coming home from a night out, so with a bit of luck they will have watched me on You Tube. I wasn’t on the live streaming lanes, but they managed to move the camera round and catch my game.  Great!”
Then along came our champion of 1994, Tore Torgersen of Norway, who shot his 49th perfect game in the 49th QubicaAMF World Cup, and promptly followed it up by bowling his 50th in the next game He explained it by saying: “It just shows there is life in the old dog yet”, but his former wife Patcharin who is also representing Norway this year, said: “He was really annoyed yesterday evening as I was making fun of him because I beat him by 5 pins. He said ‘Never again!’ And then he goes and shoots back to back 300s.”
Tore was 45th after yesterday’s set. Now he is in 17th place. Russian player Alexei Parshukov is in 8th place on 2882.
Despite all these high scores, Peter Hellström of Sweden remains in the lead on 3061 with Bodo Konieczny of Germany in 2nd on 2949 and William Ching from Venezuela in 3rd on 2932. Full scores can be accessed on www.qubicaamf.com
At present, the half way stage of the qualifying games, the cut for the top 24 is a 226.67 average, with our youngest player, Nino Stenko of Slovenia currently in 24th, just three pins ahead of Nikolay Babiuk of Moldova.

Notes for Editors
Action shots of all the players are available.
The 49th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup is taking take place from 15th to 24th November in the 32-lane ‘Sharovaya Molniya’ (lightning ball or fireball) bowling centre which itself is part of the ‘World Class’ fitness centre and Hilton hotel complex owned by the Sibiryak company. 
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