1981 New York, USA

Final Standings Women

1. Pauline Smith, Great Britain; 2. Miyuki Motoi, Japan; 3. Anna Greta, Sweden.

Position Name Country   Name Country Results
1 Pauline Smith Great Britain defeated Miyuki Motoi* Japan 203 195
2 Pauline Smith Great Britain defeated Anna Greta Johansson Sweden 202 145
3 Pauline Smith Great Britain defeated Bong Coo*+ Philippines 213 156
TOP 8 Name Country          
1 Miyuki Motoi* Japan          
2 Anna Greta Johansson Sweden          
3 Bong Coo*+ Philippines          
4 Pauline Smith Great Britain          
5 Gerardy Pappe Venezuela          
6 Sirkka Sillanpaepae Finland          
7 Luyong Kunaksorn* Thailand          
8 Judy Peterson Canada          
TOP 16 Name Country          
1 Bong Coo*+ Philippines          
2 Luyong Kunaksorn* Thailand          
3 Gerardy Pappe Venezuela          
4 Pauline Smith Great Britain          
5 Miyuki Motoi* Japan          
6 Judy Peterson Canada          
7 Sirkka Sillanpaepae Finland          
8 Anna Greta Johansson Sweden          
9 Anne Rath Denmark          
10 Jan Procter Australia          
11 Rosie Saunders* Bahamas          
12 Nohemy De Chargorodsky* Guatemala          
13 Christine Felcmann Austria          
14 Michele Citro USA          
15 Rocio Munera Colombia          
16 Anne Dore Haefker West Germany          
  Ann Kenzeler Belgium          
  Rosesheene Ottley Bermuda          
  Aurora Venegas Chile          
    Dominican Republic          
  Daniele Noyon France          
  Vivien Fung* Hong Kong          
  Yeyet Hasan Indonesia          
  Miriam Dempsey Ireland          
  Coletta Marcuzzo Italy          
  Shirley Chow** Malaysia          
  America Escamillia Mexico          
  Bets Van Ekeren Netherlands          
  Corrie Knetsch Netherlands Antilles          
  Bodil Klemetsen Norway          
  Edissa Andrade Panama          
  Susie Thon Puerto Rico          
  Ruby Chang* Singapore          
  Rosadelia Garcia Spain          
  Sylvianne Graff Switzerland          


Since the first event in 1965, winning AMF’s Bowling World Cup title has been the most coveted goal in amateur bowling. Whether held in the shadows of the Great Pyramids in or under the bright lights of , each tournament has provided unforgettable moments from competition that has spanned five decades.

Browse the archives to discover or revisit these moments, competitors, and the great champions that have made up the rich history of AMF’s Bowling World Cup.