"I have been to two as a player, one as a spectator and now 16 as a member of the team. So this year will be number 20"


"It represents a lot of joy and pride to be able to represent and carry the colors of my country. I feel very lucky and happy, because I will play near my people."


"My goal is to spread the sport of bowling all over Pakistan and help give enough facilities to my young upcoming bowlers which I couldn't get as a junior."


"I remember that I won the right to represent Malta in 1987 World cup Malaysia. I went with a house ball. I finished in 14th place."


"It will be my first time in Mexico. So I researched a little bit about Hermosillo "The City of the Sun". The Cathedral de la Asunción and the Plaza Bicentenario seems to be really nice. And if it's possible, I'd like to see the sea."


"This was followed by a crush of press interviews and reporting, and was in the pressroom when I had the chance to call my Mom and Dad at home in Arizona. The best call I ever made in my life, to the best parents a man could have. "


"One of the hardest things is not being tempted to buy a new ball every week. There are so many great rocks out there at the moment."


Bowling World Cup bowler back then and General Manager for Latin America and Caribbean at the local QubicaAMF Mexico Office today, Luis Javier Iserte wants to give back to bowling some of the much it has given to him.


“Winning felt amazing; - as it always does whenever you win at anything! I also couldn't wait to tell my parents who have always supported me 110%. Someone lent me their mobile to make the call as mobiles weren't as widespread as today. How old does that make me sound!? But thank you to that person and telling my dad 'I had done it.' It was very emotional.”


“Just stay focused and always look for the optimal solution when it comes to balls and how to attack the lanes, without to much risk taking. It’s like playing chess.. try to see what’s to come.”