Conqueror Universal

Tap the Power of Conqueror Pro for your Legacy Scoring System

Conqueror Universal
Do you want the power and potential of Conqueror Pro, the world’s most advanced bowling center management system? But you’re not quite ready to replace you current scoring system. If so, Conqueror Universal is for you. It’s a great step toward modernizing your center. And it’s an investment that stays with you as you grow. When you’re ready to take the next step and upgrade to QubicaAMF scoring, Conqueror stays with you.

Enjoy many of the same exclusive benefits as Conqueror Pro, including:

A Customer-Centric Approach

Build a loyal, lucrative customer base

Unparalleled Security and Control

Customize your set-up to run your center your way

Seamless POS Transactions

Give customers a single bill at check-out

Frequent Bowler Tracker

Reward loyalty and promote repeat visits

Advanced Reservations

Optimize lane usage with integrated booking Bowling

Modes and Dynamic Pricing

Make every promotion more effective

Automatic Internet Updates

Ensure your system is always at its best

Remote Control and Configuration

Run your business anywhere

PLUS, enjoy:

Broad Legacy Scoring Support

Conqueror Universal™ is compatible with many legacy scoring systems, including BOSS, AccuScore XL, AccuScore Plus, AccuScore I and II, MagicScore, and Brunswick AS-80 and AS-90. No other system offers such wide compatibility.

Multi-Unit Functionality

If you’re a multi-unit operator working with a variety of scoring, management and POS systems, Conqueror Universal lets you use the same management system across your entire organization. Think of what that will save you in procedures, training and reporting!

Build a Booming Business with the Way You Score Now Go with Conqueror Universal

Get all the power of our world-leading Conqueror Pro™ center management system without changing your existing scoring system. Let QubicaAMF and Conqueror Universal take you to the next level.
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