AccuVision Monitors

The Only Long-Term Display Solution Built Exclusively for Bowling Centers

AccuVision Monitors

Offering top-of-class video conversion, commercial-grade AccuVision monitors are the smart way to give your bowling center that modern look customers expect, reduce costly downtime, and enjoy single-source convenience with QubicaAMF.

It’s the best long-term solution for your center.

Enjoy a better return on investment, more convenience and greater peace of mind thanks to:

Commercial-grade engineering

Ensures longer life, quicker repairs and less down time, which increases center profitability.

A consistent appearance

A clean, elegant design from year-to-year eases replacement concerns.

Forward compatibility

With industry-standard display modes and integration with QubicaAMF scoring systems.

Easy exchange and repairs

  • We repair what we sell, stock commonly used parts, and offer rebuilds to limit your downtime.

NEW LED Technology

The latest technology for LCD displays. The 42” features full HD capability, is 40% lighter and 60% thinner than a traditional LCD. Both the 32” and 42” consume as much as 60% less power, offer a contrast ratio 10X higher, more saturated colors and provide a brighter, cleaner image. Now available in 47” and 55”.

NEW HDMI Support

QubicaAMF conversion units use HDMI, the most popular audio/video connection type, supporting both sound and direct monitor control (‘CEC’) through the HDMI cable.  

It’s built exclusively for bowling centers

You’ll be glad you made the right choice. Look for:

Legacy scoring system compatibility

You’ll enjoy seamless implementation with the most popular Qubica, AMF and Brunswick systems.

End-to-end QubicaAMF convenience

You make just one call for quick and professional warranty and support requests.

An elegant, professional design

Unlike off-the-shelf consumer monitors.

Clean, safe and professional installation

—thanks to a dedicated enclosure for the video conversion unit.

Legacy Program

QubicaAMF offers three smart options when upgrading to new monitors—one just right for your center, your vision, and your budget:

A Complete Upgrade Package

Get maximum entertainment value—and a great deal—by purchasing our stunning AccuVision monitors, video conversion kits and supporting brackets together.

Video Conversion Kit and Support Brackets

Keep your center from looking cluttered after purchasing your own monitors. Our Video Conversion Kit and Support Brackets1 will keep your bowlers from being distracted by a “jungle” of overhead wires and hardware. Our special brackets and enclosures provide a clean display.

Video Conversion Kit Only

Buying your own monitors? Get our Video Conversion Kit by itself to ensure you’ll get the utmost from your scoring system— including drink light and sound support, automated power on/off, plus enhanced TV control2.

1 Support brackets are compatible with most brands of monitors.
2 Applicable only to scoring systems offering these features.
AccuVision monitors are not available in all markets, in which case products of equivalent quality and features will be available.
Dimensions and configurations may differ from those shown.



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