Summit S-Series Lane Machine

The Absolute Pinnacle in Lane Prep Technology

Summit S-Series Lane Machine
Yours is a major bowling center, and naturally you want to provide the best experience for your players. So don’t cut corners when it comes to lane prep. Be sure to start with the industry’s premier lane machine: the Summit S-Series from QubicaAMF.

Look for these exclusive features and benefits:

Exceptional, Economical Performance

Thanks to an all-variable spray system, Summit S-Series machines clean faster and better, no matter how much oil is on the lanes. Plus, unlike the competition, these machines feature a reusable cleaner pad system to save on consumables.

Outstanding Speed

Our Summit S-Series can accurately apply more than 100 units of conditioner per lane in less than two minutes and a typical pattern in less than 60 seconds. Multiply that times the number of lanes in your center and you’ll see just how much time you’ll save.

A Broad Range of Patterns

Using our patented conditioning technology, the Summit S-Series offers a wider variety of conditioning patterns than most, giving you more opportunities to please every type of bowler that walks into your center. It also has a program database for all major tournaments.

Unmatched ROI

The Summit S-Series is affordable, and works so efficiently and effectively that it slashes lane maintenance overhead and provides an outstanding return on investment.

Reach for a New Level of Lane Prep

Treat your players and your lanes to the very best. And indulge your good business sense with lane machines that deliver both outstanding performance and a boost to your reputation the Summit S-Series from QubicaAMF.
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