Cost to build a bowling alley

Cost to build a bowling alley

Number of lanes:

Training and Support

Training and support services. Worldwide.

QubicaAMF training covers everything you and your staff need to know, from pre-installation training to on-site training to tech support and more.

  • QubicaAMF Institute of Technology – This service provides continuing education classes after installation and on-site training are complete. Primarily offered at the QubicaAMF headquarters facility in Richmond, VA.
  • On-Site Training – We conduct customized, à la carte training at your center immediately following installation. Training is based upon the modules purchased, with ample training time provided for all attendees.
  • IT Tech Support 24/7 – If you’re experiencing a problem, call us. We’re here day and night.
  • After-the-Sale Service and Support - As a QubicaAMF-equipped bowling alley, you’ll have prompt support on call. QubicaAMF-trained technicians and installers are found worldwide. We have Technical Support Centers in the US, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Russian Federation, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong and Mexico. Plus our distributors in 24 countries deliver to you tech support in your language. Software updates are available by Internet download. And Conqueror Pro center management software has remote technical help built into it.
  • QubicaAMF Pinspotter School – This program offers exceptional knowledge and value to bowling proprietors and mechanics in classroom and hands-on training for QubicaAMF pinspotters. Course content includes safety, preventive maintenance, theory of operation, electrical basics, trouble-shooting, adjustments and repairs, recordkeeping, and machine performance and tracking. Classes are offered in locations convenient to most centers to minimize travel.
  • Complimentary Investment Management Training – Every year at the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, the world’s most popular amateur tournament, prospects interested in investing in bowling can participate in a full week of center management training to learn more about bowling center management best practices and procedures. Special emphasis is given to how Conqueror Pro center management and scoring entertainment systems work together to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Pre-Installation Training, QubicaAMF Institute of Technology, QubicaAMF Pinspotter School and IT Tech Support 24/7 services are available from our worldwide headquarters in USA.

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