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2009 Bowler’s Journal Design Awards - Best New Center.

Rule (3)

Pickerington, Ohio, USA
Number of lanes: 18

Bowling Equipment and Solutions

The Best Bowling Alley Equipment

Industry leaders and innovators for over half a century, we offer everything you need for your bowling business. From how to start a bowling alley business, to the bowling equipment that will keep it up and running:

Management Systems

Run your bowling business with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.  Reduce overhead through automation.  Keep your customers informed and technicians working at peak efficiency. QubicaAMF’s Conqueror Pro™ management system is the best in the world, so you can be too.

Scoring and Entertainment Systems

Far beyond simple scoring, our Bes X is designed to entertain customers of all ages, across every customer category. BES X the most innovative, and world’s only, Bowler Entertainment System from QubicaAMF will maximize every aspect of what makes bowling appealing to customers, providing a better experience and more revenue for you.


The fastest pinspotter on the market for faster play. XLi EDGE pinspotters set the industry standard for speed, innovation and excellence. New, or rebuilt to our exacting specifications, QubicaAMF pinspotters retain their value better than any other brand and last virtually forever.


From our world-renowned synthetic Superior Performance Lanes (SPL) to the magic of MAD™ Lanes, QubicaAMF delivers optimal ball reaction, more pin falls, higher scores and livelier business.

Highway 66 Mini-Bowling

Combining the allure of ten-pin play, but on a smaller scale that maximizes space, revenue and participation, Highway 66 delivers upscale profits.
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