Smart Ball System

The World’s Most Comfortable House Ball System

Smart Ball System
What are some of the biggest reasons most bowlers stop playing and coming back? Broken nails, blisters and hand fatigue. But you can help stop this from happening, and drive more revenue through quicker turnovers, with our Smart Ball™ System a one-of-a-kind house ball system proven to improve bowler satisfaction.

Look for these exclusive features and benefits:

World’s Most Comfortable Grip

The Smart Ball System improves bowler satisfaction with:

Larger Beveling

Our exclusive patent-pending design is 50% larger than the competition. It not only speeds selection, boosts comfort and reduces hand fatigue. It also makes for more accurate play—and happier bowlers.


Complete Selection of Sizes

Whether young kids or big football players, our Smart Ball System has just the right ball to make bowling fun with seven different grip sizes to choose from.

Quicker Turnover

The Smart Ball System can help boost business by offering:

Fastest Ball Selection

Our Smart Ball System gets bowlers to their lanes seven minutes faster on average. That means more games per lane per week. And it could add up to thousands more in revenue per year!smart-ball2.jpg

Easy Weight Identification

Each Smart Ball has its weight engraved on two sides, making it a snap for bowlers to find the best one for them… and find it fast!

Guaranteed Performance

The Smart Ball System is are a superb investment thanks to:

Durable Construction

All Smart Balls are made of durable urethane, guaranteed for two years. And our whole house replacements are now guaranteed for three!

Glow-In-The Dark Excitement

Smart Balls illuminate under black light—igniting play and pumping up your bowlers.

Our Smart Ball™ System Includes:

Our Smart Ball System is Beyond Compare. See for Yourself!


Smart Balls are the Ultimate Choice—for Your Bowlers and Your Business

Faster ball selection and increased bowler comfort for more games per lane, and more revenue on your books. That plus guaranteed performance. Smart Balls are more than the name implies. They’re a truly brilliant addition to your center.
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