QubicaAMF, the World's number one bowling innovator and business partner

QubicaAMF is the joining of two industry giants, AMF Bowling Products, a U.S. firm known for its invention of the automatic pinspotter; and Italian Qubica Worldwide, whose supremacy in scoring and management software brought the world BES, the first and only comprehensive Bowler Entertainment System.

This merger in 2005 created one of the largest and most respected companies in the bowling and amusement businesses, with global headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, and European headquarters in Bologna, Italy.
With over a century of combined experience, we have sales offices in 15 countries, and distributors in every corner of the globe. We employee the largest R & D team in the industry. And, we have sold, serviced and installed over 10,000 centers in 90 countries.

But, what really sets up apart? Relentless passion. An unrivaled global outlook. A progressive mission for the future. And an unwavering devotion to your success.

Our Mission

At QubicaAMF, we dedicate ourselves to work with our customers around the world, continually developing new solutions to grow their business and take the bowling industry to the next level much more than a simple bowling equipment suppliers...


See a timeline of the major innovations, milestones and events that put us where we are today—and will help us to propel you into tomorrow.


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